Health ATM

What is Health ATM Machine ?

A health ATM machine in India is a type of medical kiosk that provides basic health check-up services to people. These machines are equipped with various medical devices and technology to perform health tests such as blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), heart rate, and blood sugar levels. They also offer a range of other health-related services, including telemedicine consultations, medicine dispensing, and health counseling.

Health ATM

Provide Healthcare With Ease With The One-stop Smart Health Solution.

Enrich your medical practice, your pharmacy, your neighbourhood, or your commercial space with the innovative Health ATM by Healthnovo. The smart, single-integrated machine is capable of running over 140 diagnostic tests on the spot and generating accurate results within 5 to 10 minutes.

Get affordable healthcare in an instant with a CE-Certified device that is backed by quality ISO-certified manufacturing.

Why Get The Health ATM?

Supercharge Your Space With The Revolutionary Device

  • Can quickly perform 140+ invasive and non-invasive full-body and internal checkups
  • Easy to install, transport, and operate
  • Provides popular and niche diagnostic tests at 30% to 50% below market rates
  • Reports are generated and ready to print within minutes
  • Delivers vital patient information to doctors instantly



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