About Us

Healthnovo is a health-tech company engaged in providing quality, affordable and accessible healthcare services with innovative technological solutions.


We are committed to creating a patient-centric ecosystem by making primary healthcare like doctor consulting, diagnostics & medical dispensing - not only under one roof but also mobile. By integrating technology into patient care & electronic health records(EHR), we have been able to streamline operations making it more accessible to users.


Our hybrid healthcare plays a pivotal role in filling the gaps in the healthcare landscape and takes into consideration the needs of patients & healthcare providers.


Who We Are

Founded by a team having decades of experience in the Indian healthcare ecosystem, Healthnovo is driven towards providing solutions that can create a holistic healthcare environment to improve doctor & patient collaboration by bringing pace, accessibility, and affordability. We understand our responsibility toward contributing to our society's mental and physical well-being. Hence, we’ve reduced the overall time from start to end to conveniently prioritise and focus on their health needs.


Rima Sunit

- Co Founder

Gautam Thakker

- Co Founder

management team

Jitendra Jadhav

- Chief Commercial Officer

Dorit Samant

- Vice President of
Technology and Innovations

Dr. Aparna Raut

- Medical Health Advisor

Amit Modani

- Finance Controller

What We Do

Our varied services & products are created to make a future-proof healthcare ecosystem
that enables a better experience at each stage of patient care.


Our healthcare centers are made to facilitate easier access to care management. The doctors & other healthcare professionals at Healthnovo provide quality treatments at our First Mile Clinics, on the phone & even via medical camps near your area.

The unique & rapid diagnostic services along with digitized medical records also aid our doctors in early & efficient diagnosis. We have also partnered with various other ancillary medical service providers to address all healthcare-related needs at one place.


Our medical devices and softwares are increasingly used to offer health-related services conveniently from Health ATM , HN Plus, and HN Care. They are utilized by patients & doctors to monitor numerous aspects of health, and even for teleconsultations. Our compact and portable devices are being used by healthcare doctors to provide faster & accurate diagnoses. We also provide patients with medicines at discounted prices to ensure more & more people can get their treatments easily.