A Revolution of Primary health care services in india

In India, access to essential health services has been a significant challenge for many people due to various obstacles such as a shortage of healthcare providers, financial barriers, and limited awareness of available services. In a 2018 study by Niti Ayog, it was found that only 30% of Indians surveyed had access to essential health services. Despite the passage of time, this challenge still persists for a vast majority of Indians. To address this issue, Healthnovo has been launched to simplify access to quality medical services in Mumbai. The primary aim of Healthnovo is to bridge the gap between patients and quality healthcare service providers, with a core belief that everyone deserves good healthcare without having to travel far for it. Healthnovo seeks to provide a seamless and user-friendly platform to ensure easy access to quality healthcare services in India.

We’re leading the way in accessibility

Healthnovo is a primary healthcare service provider in India, dedicated to delivering high-quality medical care and services to patients. With a team of experienced healthcare professionals and state-of-the-art facilities, Healthnovo is committed to providing personalized and affordable healthcare solutions that meet the needs of patients across the india.Their comprehensive range of services includes consultations, diagnostics, surgeries, and post-operative care, all delivered with compassion, empathy, and a focus on patient satisfaction. Whether you're looking for routine check-ups or complex medical treatments, Healthnovo is the trusted choice for healthcare services in India.


Rima Sunit

- Co Founder

Gautam Thakker

- Co Founder

management team

Jitendra Jadhav

- Chief Commercial Officer

Dorit Samant

- Vice President of
Technology and Innovations

Offering Comprehensive Healthcare At A Well-equipped Clinic Near You

Making use of our knowledge and innovation, we have created a holistic environment that prioritises patient care and provides affordable medicines. All this, while empowering primary care physicians and doctors.

Our Wide Range Of Services

Healthnovo has created an impact in the healthcare industry by garnering a network of access points that burden neither the patient nor the provider, but instead simplify and digitise the entire process.


Healthnovo also connects with ancillary medical services including medical camps and phone consulting that simplify access to primary medical services. Together, our services are designed to make it easy for people to manage their healthcare needs.

Our Comprehensive Suite of Products

At our core lies the patient's well-being, convenience, and experience. With our innovative First Mile Clinics, patients can reach reliable physicians and get access to quick healthcare: including rapid diagnostic services and digitised medical records. The connecting pharmacies dispense the required medications at affordable prices.


Additionally, we have developed a range of innovative mobile applications and clinic software that keep the user’s data ready for reference, securely. Our technology and devices simplify the treatment process and the follow-up, enabling physicians to prescribe treatment based on past history.