First Mile Clinic

Bringing Primary Care to Your Neighbourhood


You don’t have to go too far to get the care you need. The First Mile Clinic by Healthnovo is the smart primary healthcare centre to take care of you and your family’s well-being within a one-mile radius in your vicinity.


Consult with doctors

Access primary care physicians to check up on your health issues, follow the doctor’s treatment plans with ease or receive recommendations for specialists if needed.

Get an Instant Diagnostic Test

Choose from over 140 invasive and non-invasive tests and diagnostics, and receive an accurate report within 5-10 mins.

We’ve got you covered with:

  • Generalised blood and fluid tests
  • Neurology related screening
  • Cardiac and heart function tests
  • Gynecology, reproductive health, and fertility-related screenings
  • Pulmonary diagnostics

Access Affordable Medicines

Feel empowered with the pharmacy located right inside the FMC, and get medicines based on your doctor’s prescriptions at cost-effective prices.

Value Added Services

Connect with ancillary support

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Access Local Hospitals

Get connected with local and nearby hospitals.

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Get in Touch With Elderly Care Services

Find elder care services that are perfect for your needs.

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Connect With Ambulances

Access ambulances when you need them, or get contacts easily.

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Acquire The Insurance You Need

Get an insight into health insurance plans and connect with the one suited for you.

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Access NABL Labs

Explore our NABL-certified laboratory, which enables us to perform high-quality diagnostic testing.

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Learn About Government Schemes

Access one-touch telemedicine platforms to learn more about government schemes you might qualify for.

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