Corporate Health Camps

A tracking and management system that allows organizations to track the health of their employees and provide key information that is vital for the company when framing their health policies. With health check-ups that are done at regular intervals, the system provides a complete overview of the organization’s health progress.


Corporate Healthcare:

  • Regular health checkups are conducted as as medical camps to keep the employees’ health in check. These medical camps include Diagnostics Screening Tests, Doctor Consultations, prescriptions, etc.

  • A custom dashboard is designed as per the requirements of the organization. It gives them a holistic view of their organization’s health.

  • Regular health check-ups are conducted to keep the employees’ health in check.

Employees Healthcare:

  • It has proven to be helpful to employees as it gives them easy access to their health reports on their smartphones

  • They can have one-to-one consultations with specialist doctors and can receive E-prescriptions from doctors.


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