You cannot be present at First Mile Clinic for consultation? No problem, Healthnovo provides you an option of telemedicine. You can join us as Healthnnovo+ consultant.

Healthnovo+ is a telemedicine platform for the digital interaction of the doctor and patient. You can engage with your patients for consultation and also prescribe medication through Healthnovo+. This platform gives you the flexibility to consult patients as per your flexibility.



  • No registration charges for enrolment on the platform
  • No physical presence required at 'First Mile Clinic'
  • Access to PAN India patients with an easy to navigate software
  • Access to Patient Management System which takes care of maintenance of digital health records, appointment scheduling, follow up management, billing management etc.
  • Rewardful Association
  • You can also use this facility for your existing patients.

Best Suited for -

All categories of Registered Medical Practioners.

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