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‘Healthnovo-First Mile Clinic’ – an unique concept rolled out under the Franchisee model. This gives people who are from non-medical background an opportunity to be part of this unique initiative and make a difference.

At present the Franchisee model is ‘FOFO’ - Franchisee Owned and Franchise Operated. People who have an inclination to run a primary healthcare center can join hands with us.

Features and Benefits

Healthcare business

In-house generic medicine pharmacy giving medicines at 30%-80% discount.

Clinic equipped with Doctor/ Speciality doctor and Para-medical staff.

Digitalized records and ready to use tele-medicine platforms.

New technology products - Health ATM is capable of conducting 140 screening tests in five minutes.

Approximate ROI minimum at 20% in 12-18 months.

Diagnostic test at 30%-50% discount CE certified devices.

Investment including generic pharmacy is `18 lacs.

Franchisee Application

Criteria for Franchisee Application

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First Mile Clinic (’FMC’)
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Loan and Finance

If the need arises Healthnovo can assists franchisee to get financial help from the following banks:

  • Cosmos


Test Details

The innovative high-tech product Health ATM has below test offerings. The differentiator of this technology is testresults are generated in front of the eyes of the users and within 3-5 mins.

Health ATM

First Mile Clinic




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