First Mile Clinic

First Mile Clinic (FMC) is a smart primary healthcare center introduced by Heathnovo with the objective to set up an affordable clinic within a one-mile radius in your vicinity.


Doctor Consultation

Have one-to-one interactions with doctors, which can be followed up with recommendations for specialist doctors if required.

Instant Screening Diagnostics

Up to 140+ invasive and non-invasive tests and diagnostics within 5-10 mins. Screening diagnostics are carried out in the field of:

  • General Blood Tests
  • Neurology
  • Cardiology
  • Gynecology
  • Pulmonary


Receive medicines based on doctor’s prescription at affordable prices at the clinic’s pharmacy.

Value Added Services

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Hospitals Nearby

We connect you to the nearest hospital.

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Elderly Care Services

We help connect you to access elderly care services.

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Ambulance Services

We provide you with ambulance services.

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Health Insurance Services

We assist you in acquiring health insurance services.

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NABL Labs are equipped with advanced technology that allows us to perform multiple tests.

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Government Schemes Information

Digitalized records and ready to use tele-medicine platforms.

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