If you are a Registered Medical Practitioner or a Speciality Doctor, Healthnovo is happy to have you on board. Be a valuable part of the Healthnovo family by joining us as a Full-time or Part-time consulting doctor. Healthnovo provides you with career opportunities with minimum investment and great returns. You can also upgrade your existing patients with our healthcare solutions.


Ready to use setup: Healthnovo provides ready to use set up which includes US FDA Approved/CE Certified in-vitro medical devices (like Healthnovo- ATM), Generic Pharmacy Store, para medical team, tie ups with local hospitals and blood banks. Healthnovo also takes care of furnishing and other administrative needs of the clinic space.

Availability of in-vitro devices: You get to access US FDA approved/CE Certified technology in the form of Healthnovo- ATM which can carry out around 140 diagnostic screening tests and provide instant and accurate results.

Patient Management System (PMS): Healthnovo provides a complete patient management system which takes care of maintenance of digital health records, appointment scheduling, followup management, billing management etc.

Higher Patient Retention Rate: 'First Mile Clinic' provides end-to-end healthcare solutions to the patient in the form of rapid, effective and affordable testing, consultation with doctors and also makes generic medicines available at discounted rates. The patients get all these facilities under one roof which ensures higher retention rate as compared to traditional approach

PAN India Locations: Healthnovo aims to scale through PAN India in a phased manner, thus giving you options of multiple locations for association.

Rewardable Association: Healthnovo values and recognizes your knowledge and services and hence assures the rewardful association.

Best Suited for -

RMPs with less experience or freshers looking for a steady income and do not want to invest in a private clinic.

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